Terry Grossman on Singularity Podcast part 3

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www.SingularityWeblog.com http A Singularity Podcast video interview with Terry Grossman, author of Transcend and The Fantastic Voyage. Terry Grossman generously agreed to do this interview from his office in Colorado and for about 1 hour we cover a number of very useful and interesting topics such as: the story and motivation behind his work; the most important medical tests that we all need to do in order to find out where we are and thereby figure out what we need to do to improve longevity; Terry’s top tips for healthy life-style and achieving maximum life-span; his positions on religion, the singularity and artificial intelligence.
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One Response to “Terry Grossman on Singularity Podcast part 3”
  1. Dan Dascalescu says:

    @10:56 [...] But I believe that the universe is imbued with some force, some greater power that I don’t understand exactly, but I don’t think things are all mechanistic. I think there are forces that we can tap into. I believe in the law of attraction, the law of intention. I believe that what I manifest, I believe we all create our own life. And if I manifest what I want, I find that I often get it. And if I focus on negative things, I find that I often get that as well.

    WTF, The Secret., Dr.?

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