Ralph Ellison HS Student-Diamond Arnold Visual Evaluation

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default Ralph Ellison HS Student Diamond Arnold Visual Evaluation

There are small ORBS flying around in this video too. Look over my shoulder on the right side. Here’s the cookie Rob was eating. My Appetizer Diet Cookies! The Chocolate Chip are the best! 760705.appetizerdiet.com Master Cleanse Healthy Life Style Healthy Recipes Coming Soon Appetizer…


4 Responses to “Ralph Ellison HS Student-Diamond Arnold Visual Evaluation”
  1. xwinkwinko says:

    If you were thinner you would look like a cross between Alli Mcgraw and a young Brooke Shields <3

  2. GuildOfAbundance says:

    Thanks I did it again already but I cheated a bit the last 2 days. I’m planning another round May 1. Good For You!!!

  3. GuildOfAbundance says:

    Aww.. you can have our kitties!.. well maybe not. Better go get your own. The kids and Rob would be upset if I gave them away.

  4. rwsavarie says:

    Ten pounds in eight days… that’s awesome and scary at the same time.

    Such a cute kitty… I’ve been going to the Humane Society and PetSmarts a lot lately. I think I’m going to adopt a cat soon. I still miss my cat even after four years.

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