Patient Community @ HELP Pre- Conference Seminar Part - 2.wmv

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Some interesting ideas presented by Dr.Shaivi, Dr.Soumil, Dr.Manasi and Dr.Amar were: 1. The problem is not too little but too much information - how should the patient sieve through all the information 2. Patients are not aware of resources at hand; 3. Support groups are found to be helpful; online support groups equally helpful; 4. What makes the patient happy - is sitting down and talking to the patient - they don’t care if the doctor is better known or better qualified; 5. Convert patients from being passive to active 6. Group therapy works better than individual therapy 7. How can IT be used: every hospital should have - all health information available for patients - EMR for each patient to help patients and also for research for specific populations - information should be easily accessible - translated information - online access to pharmacies to purchase/refill medicines - easy communication with your doctor (email/sms) - obviate need of human communication - online services should be interactive 8. End Goal of Information Therapy should be Happy Patient …… Happy Doctor + Staff 9. A website to put up reviews of doctors/services by patients. 10. Arrange the hospital sections to provide a single window to patients for all services including information therapy. 11. Dr.Amar working at Tata welcomed the idea of patient education center at all hospitals.

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