Parents can offer a Healthy life to their Toddlers

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Parents can offer a Healthy life to their Toddlers

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There are many invisible friends that live with us in our home, office, schools and market places and become the cause of our ill health. These are germs that cause infections and make us fall ill. Being a parent, we always want to protect our kids from all kinds of dangers; but let us think once are they really safe? Don’t they have any kind of threat from their surroundings? These questions often make us dishearten and set us think about how to protect our little ones. The small, almost invisible creatures called germ, attacks us in a group like the outer enemy and we often lose the battle because our body could not fight with them. It is better to prepare our body before the germs attack because “prevention is always better than cure”. Kids are the very soft and any small change in the weather, food or habitat can make them the target of these enemies called germs. The only protection against these enemies is to follow a good hygiene practice and also to teach the kids to follow them. Following a good hygiene routine not only saves us from the attack of germs, but also give us the freedom to live a healthy life.

Being parents we often spent our nights in guarding our kids when they fall ill. Fever, fungal infection, loose motion and digestion problems are often caused by the infectious bacteria. It is found in a research that babies become the victims of these bacteria most often. Always remember to clean the cloths of baby in an antiseptic liquid so that if there is any bacterium, it would not do any harm to the baby. Moreover, before serving food to the baby, always wash the plates and dishes in lukewarm water. When the kids reach an age where they can differentiate between good and bad, try to teach them certain safety measures to maintain a good hygiene condition in their surroundings. There are certain tips that parents can teach their kids to be safe from the germs. These are briefly discussed below:-

1-Teach your kid to wash the hands before eating anything. When the kid started going to school, keep a sanitizer in your kid’s bag so that your kid can apply it before eating anything

2-For the little toddlers, the world is full of tempting ways to get dirty. There is no harm of playing outside, but the kids should learn to clean up their whole body and change the dress after coming back home

3-It is a good habit to wash the teeth every night before sleeping; it protects the teeth from the attack of the germs. So cultivate this habit in a very early age

4-Kids may see the playground sandbox as their own little beach in the city or suburbs, but cats, dogs and other unknown critters consider it a public litter box. So always refrain the kids from playing in these sandboxes

5-Give your kids extended rounds of sleep followed up with a healthy regime of immunity boosting foods. Getting plenty of sleep strengthens our immunity

Children should get into the habit of covering their mouths and noses with tissue paper to avoid the spread of germs. The world is full of beauty and a healthy life enhances the life beauty. So teach your child good hygiene habits and offer them a healthy life to live.

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