‘I’m Only Human’ Part 6 (Jemi One-Shot)

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Part 6 ‘I’m not sure about this.’ I mumbled softly as Joe held my hand tightly before letting go. ‘Just go talk to them, you never know what you’re words could have done.’ I nodded and kissed him holding onto his cheeks tightly and letting it last a long time before he pulled away slowly. ‘Remeber, I’m right here if you need me.’ He patted the car as I nodded taking in a deep breath. ‘I hope Dem, that whatever happens, that one day, you’ll let me make you happy.’ He had his forehead against mine as he held onto my neck and I closed my eyes tightly and kissed him again. ‘You’ve made me happy.’ I whispered against his lips as he nodded. ‘Just come out of that house ok.’ He mumbled as I nodded and pulled away from him walking in. ‘Demi.’ I heard my mom mumble looking at me. Her eyes we’re a puffy red, as if she had been crying as she looked at me. My father was stiff sitting in his chair. ‘I came to get my things.’ My mother wimpered and made her way to me. ‘Demetria please listen to me.’ She mumbled softly. ‘Demi.’ I mumbled annoyed as she nodded. ‘Demi, Joseph, he’s not good for you honey, he can’t provide you with a healthy life style and happy kids and a good envoriment, he’s just a gardner dear.’ She tried to touch my face but I pulled back. ‘You know, I was hoping you’d say something different, like maybe you we’re happy for me! because I finally found someone who loves me for me, and dosn’t mistreat me like Mr. Jones does to his family!’ My father stood up as he
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9 Responses to “‘I’m Only Human’ Part 6 (Jemi One-Shot)”
  1. ddlovatofan8 says:

    I love her dad! But YAYY !! Jemi!!

  2. JemiWriterandReader says:

    this was an amazing ending! I couldn’t ask for a better one <3

  3. FPjrlover says:

    Awe my god it was soo good… I just wished it was longer so I could bask in more awesomeness

  4. peacelove887 says:

    Awww I loved this!!

  5. michahughes says:

    Loved this so much

  6. McCoolAshley says:

    I loved this! You’re an amazing writer.

  7. Ann shamek says:

    I love it

  8. Mikaelaification says:

    aww so cute

  9. aliciarocks19 says:

    awww what a cute ending!! i love it!!

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