Ayurveda - Happy Life, Healthy Life, Long Life

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by Ron Sombilon Gallery

Ayurveda - Happy Life, Healthy Life, Long Life

Article by Paulrobinson

“Happy Life, Healthy Life, Long Life.” At first might be thought of as a goal of Ayurveda but it is actually the process that ayurveda must follow to obtain the cure and ensure that the illness or problems do not come back. It is also a process to be followed spiritually. A happy life is what must be obtained before a healthy life and a healthy life must be obtained before a long life. Of course there are people who may live long lives that are neither healthy nor happy… and a healthy person will not make them a happy person. No finding a happy life is the first aspect of the science of life. So why in medicine, even in psychology, is there so little focus on helping the patient encounter what will make them happy in life and so much focus on the problems that keep the person from their happiness. The answer is simple.

Capitalism has turned the art of healing into a capitalistic campaign to produce more profits. There is no search for the source of the problem and the complete cure. Yet we hear miracle stories. People of hope and faith beating all odds to survive dire cancers, aids and others. It is very easy to heal any sickness in a happy person. If you are not sick, it is so much easier for a happy person to maintain their physical health. It is actually not at all a miracle but should be normal. If normal people searched for happiness in the face of the problems they have built for themselves, we would hear a lot more of these stories because there would be a lot more people with faith in their ability to recover and live a happy, healthy and long life. Faith is the factor that modern medicine cannot understand in the equation and the absolute most powerful healing device that exists.

Other different types of cures for asthma include alternative treatments like Ayurveda and Homeopathy. Ayurvedic medicines are natural herbal medicines that work to clear the blocked and inflamed air passages to either prevent another asthmatic attack or cure it. Ayurvedic medicines include Holy Basil (Tulsi) that keeps the respiratory passage healthy and is also an anti- inflammatory medicine. Homeopathy supports the body’s healing mechanism with medicines that are prepared especially according to a person’s body structure and his personal medical history.

There are home remedies which are used as a cure for asthma. These include honey, turmeric and garlic. A cup of warm milk with turmeric helps at night. Steaming ginger tea with minced garlic taken twice a day as also steam inhalation with caraway seeds and boiling water are all good home remedies for asthma.

Rheumatoid arthritis of recent origin usually responds well to standard anti-inflammatory treatment. However, by nature this is a chronic disease, and while symptoms can be controlled, there is presently no cure. Standard modern medicine may not be very helpful once the condition becomes chronic, or treatment may have significant side effects. It is in such patients that Ayurvedic herbal treatment may be very useful and effective. One major advantage of Ayurvedic herbal medicines in such an affliction is that medicines may be taken for long periods without any serious side-effects.

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