American Model, Handsome & Gorgeous ~ James Ratliff

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Before you read James info and Bio. I wanted to thank James for taking the time to comment on this video I made of him. It goes to show what a great and decent guy James really is. James also has a youtube account and I hope you get a chance to visit it. Thanks! This video is of James Ratliff, who is 20 years old. He hails from Hamilton Texas US James stands 6’1″, weight 175 lbs., Chest 40″, waist 30″ and his shoe size is 11. James has Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes, his skin is med. tanned. and has some experience. This info. is as of 08/09/2010. In a interview with Edo Q of CoverMen Mag! July 2009 he says: He grew up in a small town called Hamilton about 45 minutes west of Waco. He has a very large close knit family. He has 3 younger brothers and 1 older brother and 2 older sisters. Although not being the oldest it seemed to him that all his siblings looked up to him and aspired to have the determination and dedication that seemed to surround himself. He was an honor graduate in high school and attended college at a state university where he ran track for a semester. Since he was a freshmen he always wanted to be a model but after his junior year that dream faded and sports took over his life. However fate jumped back into play while at college. He joined a fraternity and one of his fraternity brothers told him he should try to model again. So he put some senior pictures up on Model Mayhem and got discovered by a scout for NOUS. Two months later he was in LA! -What aspects of
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25 Responses to “American Model, Handsome & Gorgeous ~ James Ratliff”
  1. Mike Azzra says:

    Text HOTMODEL to 77948 for a chance to be submitted to top agencies

  2. kenshin10himura10 says:

    i like the song .

  3. kenshin10himura10 says:

    it remind me of my special friend in the u.s.coz of its hazel eyes and .brown hair.

  4. kenshin10himura10 says:

    it remind me of my special friend in the u.s.coz of its hazel eyes and .

  5. joshsplace100 says:

    Hi, Thanks for watching James video and for your comments. Much appreciated.

  6. kenshin10himura10 says:

    i remember him for my friend in the u.s. coz of its hazel eyes and bron wn hair.

  7. joshsplace100 says:

    @NYoussefianuk Hello friend from the UK, Thanks for watching and I appreciate your comments. I made this video well over a year ago. Don’t know if you read the description, but James saw this video after I had created it and he left a comment, he liked and thanked me for showing his support as a model and actor.
    Thanks again,

  8. joshsplace100 says:

    Thanks for watching, and I do appreciate your comment.

  9. joshsplace100 says:

    Hi Lucien, He is so yummy for sure. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. joshsplace100 says:

    Hi Yoann, Thanks again for watching this video. James seems light the guy next door, and with him leaving a comment, shows what a good guy he is. Glad you liked it too.
    Have a Great Sunday!

  11. flavio fenati says:

    great video and boys

  12. oppedlust says:

    This is just VOLUPTUOUS

  13. stylyoann says:

    still a very nice video of this beautiful song, very beautiful pictures, I love, full of gentleness and romanticism, delicacy
    It is a work merveilleux.Une good week and a kiss from your friend love you.

  14. Goggy021 says:

    Great work, great music! BRAVO!!! This man is HAWT!!!

  15. joshsplace100 says:

    Hi Charlie, Thanks for watching and for the comments.
    They are always, much appreciated. I just love the sound of Celine Dion.
    Thanks for being here for your support.
    Much Love,

  16. joshsplace100 says:

    Hi Sloane, Now it’s me whose sorry for being late. I’m really glad you liked James video. He has such a next door type look about him, you could just go up to him and start a conversation. James did see this video of him, and posted a comment to everyone for their kinds words and to me for making the video.
    I do believe it was from him. I checked his YT channel and it’s not very active, but it does include a short video he did for a contest, and he’s from Texas.
    Love Ya,

  17. ELWOOD960 says:

    Hi Josh, Amazing video and beauitful song. Celine Dion is my favorite singers. James is a 10 you get 10stars from me. Thanks josh your the best.
    All My Best with LOve

  18. ELWOOD960 says:

    Hey Josh, Amazing and beautiful great job 10 stars. I love Celine Dion. She has such a great voice. James is a 10 also. You are the best Josh.
    All My Best with LOVE

  19. joshsplace100 says:

    Hi Mike, Thank you very much. Yes he is quite handsome, and James even left a message here yesterday.
    I wish him all the best. You’re comments are much appreciated.

  20. joshsplace100 says:

    Hi Stud, So glad you liked this video of James. And the song has always been a favorite of mine. Well, anything sung by, Celine Dion I like.

  21. joshsplace100 says:

    Hey David, You’re very welcome. Glad you enjoyed this video of James.

  22. joshsplace100 says:

    Hi James, On behalf of all my subscribers & myself, you’re most welcome. I’m really glad you enjoyed the video. If you saw my channel, all of my videos are of models. You’re the second model who has taken the time to write a favorable comment of their video. I hope you liked the song selection. I mentioned in another comment, your looks reminded me of a young Leonardo DiCaprio, which is why I used that song.
    All the Best & Good Luck with Your Career. Thanks again! Josh

  23. lov3boy6y says:

    Awesome and wonderful song!!!James is really handsome and beautiful!!!Excellent work : ))

  24. jratliff100 says:

    Well I would just Like thank all of you who have supported me and found my look marketable. I found this video and it really inspired me even more. Thank you Josh.

  25. gramsci1111 says:

    My one word: Thanks. To you.

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