Abstinence (Motet) / Abstinence (moteto)

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Its style is traditional style but the content is very modern. Recoded live. * Enjoy! www.drnespor.eu - Articles, free relaxation recordings, etc. * Self-help: www.aa.org* Tradiční forma, moderní obsah. * www.drnespor.eu: Knihy o prevenci, svépomocné příručky, relaxační nahrávky atd. * Svépomoc: www.sweb.cz/aacesko * Abstinenci zdar!!!
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Hello and welcome to Day 12 of my weight lost challenge. This morning I woke up and starting running on the treadmill at 7am. I took the family Christmas Shopping last night so I did not get a chance to run but I did walk and shopped for 4 straight hours! So that counts as exercise. Thanks for watching and Happy Holidays!
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