A Little Known Longevity Secret

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katrinamayer.com A Little Known Longevity Secret What would you do with an extra ten, fifteen or twenty vibrant and healthy years added to your life? Would you travel, take art classes, spend quality time with family and friends? Would you read more books, go skydiving, garden, prepare gourmet meals? How about volunteering at a nursing home, giving manicures to people who can’t get out of their homes or giving a smile to those less fortunate than you? My mother is in her eighties. She may move a bit slower than she did when she was in her forties, but she still gets around just fine. And where do you think she spends her time every Monday, just like clockwork? Monday is the day she gets in the car with her good friend and fellow church member Christine, who is also an octogenarian, and they visit shut-ins. They visit people in their area who are in nursing homes, hospitals or in their own homes but unable to get out. That’s right! These two women who have earned the right to sit quietly at home and enjoy some peaceful time instead choose to bring smiles, flowers, lively conversation and companionship to others every week. Some of the people they visit are even younger than they are! But my mother and Christine have an advantage. They have tapped into one of the little known secrets of longevity. As my mother sits with shut-ins, she often combs their hair, clips their fingernails and puts cream on their dry hands. After so many years of doing this she said she found that
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Some interesting ideas presented by Dr.Shaivi, Dr.Soumil, Dr.Manasi and Dr.Amar were: 1. The problem is not too little but too much information - how should the patient sieve through all the information 2. Patients are not aware of resources at hand; 3. Support groups are found to be helpful; online support groups equally helpful; 4. What makes the patient happy - is sitting down and talking to the patient - they don’t care if the doctor is better known or better qualified; 5. Convert patients from being passive to active 6. Group therapy works better than individual therapy 7. How can IT be used: every hospital should have - all health information available for patients - EMR for each patient to help patients and also for research for specific populations - information should be easily accessible - translated information - online access to pharmacies to purchase/refill medicines - easy communication with your doctor (email/sms) - obviate need of human communication - online services should be interactive 8. End Goal of Information Therapy should be Happy Patient …… Happy Doctor + Staff 9. A website to put up reviews of doctors/services by patients. 10. Arrange the hospital sections to provide a single window to patients for all services including information therapy. 11. Dr.Amar working at Tata welcomed the idea of patient education center at all hospitals.

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